AutoSaver round up and save

Looking for an easy way to PAY YOURSELF FIRST?

Auto$aver is a feature offered on all HCCU checking accounts upon request!   

The Auto$aver feature helps to automate your savings by rounding up your everyday debit card transactions to the nearest dollar and depositing the difference into the HCCU savings account of your choice.* Auto$aver funds are accumulated throughout the day and transferred to savings in a single nightly transfer.

If your checking account balance is getting low, don’t worry that Auto$aver will overdraw your account. Auto$aver transfers will not occur if transfer of funds would result in a checking account balance of less than $100.  If your available checking balance drops to (or below) $100, transfers will show as $0.00 until the available checking balance is at or above $100. 01. Then daily transfers will resume.

You can enroll by simply filling out the form below and opting into the program. You can also download and complete your request form.  Printed forms can be dropped off or mailed to 1424 Walton Way Augusta GA 30901, or emailed to Verbal enrollment is also available. Simply give us a call at 706-434-1600 and once your identity has been verified we will enroll you in the Auto$aver program.

*The savings designated to receive Auto$aver transfers must be under the same member number as the selected checking account.

    Your Designated Savings is the savings account where your Auto$aver transfers will be deposited. Transfers will default to your membership savings, but you can specify a preferred savings account by choosing other and listing the account number or name. Please note that your designated savings account must be under the same member number as your Auto$aver enabled checking account.