Banzai Real World Finance and High Quality Financial Literacy

Prepare for real-world finance with BANZAI!

Quality financial education shouldn’t cost you a fortune, that’s why HCCU is proud to bring these high-quality financial literacy courses and resources, direct to you, on us!  Banzai is a financial literacy program designed to teach people what real-world finance is really like; preparing them for the future, and offering insights with the possibility of immediate life application.

With each course you choose your own adventure! Instead of telling you the do’s and don’ts of personal fiances, why not learn them for yourself with real-life, simulated financial choices. In each Banzai course the user has their own mock account and can work through life-based scenarios.  Banzai responds to the choices you make, putting you in the drivers seat of this real world financial simulation.

Courses include:

  • BANZAI JUNIOR (8-12) – When life hands you lemons, become an entrepreneur! Designed for ages 8-12, kids will tackle real-world financial dilemmas to create a successful lemonade stand and save for a big purchase. Some financial literacy concepts in Junior include; IOUs (an introduction to credit), saving and spending money, and operating a business.
  • BANZAI TEEN (13-18) – In Teen, users play to save enough money for college registration while navigating daily decisions like getting a job, going out to eat, and renting an apartment. Some financial literacy concepts in Teen include; double-entry accounting, taxes and withholding, and credit.
  • BANZAI PLUS (16+) – In Plus, users attempt to save enough money to buy a home. Navigating things like identity fraud and auto insurance along the way could make a win a little trickier. Some financial literacy concepts in Plus include; Credit scores, retirement savings, and daily spending choices.
  • INTERNET SAFETY (9 to Adult) – Learn how to keep yourself safe online through this role-playing course. You’ll navigate through everyday scenarios to hone your skills for detecting scams and making wise choices.
Excited Banzai user jumping with laptop

You can also learn by topic in the Banzai interactive library.  Our digital coaches help simplify complex finical problems so you are able to work through and solve some of your most pressing financial concerns.

Start learning!