Your Cards, on Your Terms!

Protect your debit cards through your mobile device by receiving alerts and defining when, where and how your payment cards are used – with CardValet® from Fiserv.*

Alerts help you play it safe! Payment cards offer both convenience and risk. CardValet manages the risk by allowing you to set the boundaries for your cards.

How It Works:
Choose CardValet to safeguard your cards from fraud with customized alerts and the ability to set limits on cards.

  • Download CardValet from Google Play™ or the App StoreSM
  • Sign up for alerts based on transaction amount, location, merchant type or transaction type
  • Set limits for spending – great for parents or employers
  • Turn your debit cards “off” if they’re misplaced or stolen – right from your smartphone
Google Play Store
Apple Store

*CardValet is powered by Fiserv, Inc. but is activated through your credit union. There is no fee associated with the CardValet app.