Type of Fee Amount Number Free Stipulations
Savings Account Fees:
USA Patriot Act Compliance $5.00  —
Regular Share, Kid$ Club, Teen $cene Withdrawal $5.00 1/Month $500.00 minimum balance required to avoid fees
Money Market Withdrawal $10.00 1/Month  —
Christmas Club Withdrawal/Transfer $10.00 1 Annual payout in November counts as 1 free withdrawal
Vacation Club Withdrawal/Transfer $10.00 1 1 Free withdrawal per year can be taken at any time
Share Draft Account Fees:
*NSF $35.00/Item  —
*Overdraft Privilege $35.00/Item **
*Loan Overdraft Transfer $10.00  —
*Share Overdraft Transfer $10.00  —
Stop Payment $35.00/Request  —
Share Draft Printing Prices Vary 1 free box of Security Checks per year for Gold Club members***
Monthly Service Charge (Except Fresh Start Share Draft) $5.00 Fee waived if a minimum average daily balance of $300 is maintained or for students 22 and younger
Fresh Start Share Draft Monthly Service Charge $10.00  —
Fresh Start Share Draft Account Opening $10.00  —
E Checking In Branch Withdrawals $2.00/Each  —
E Checking Per Cleared Check $2.00/Each  —
Point of Sale (POS) Fee $0.50/charge Fee charged if you select “debit” and enter your PIN at a merchant terminal, no fee charged if you select “credit” and sign for the purchase (eChecking and Kasasa Accounts are exempt from POS fees.)
Foreign ATM $1.00/Each The owners of non-Credit Union ATMs may charge additional fees, and any such fee will be paid from your account. These fees are generally called a surcharge.  Our non-member surcharge is $3.00.
Other Service Fees: (applicable to all accounts)
Account Reconciliation $10.00/Hour  —
Account Research $10.00/Hour  —
Account Closure $10.00 Charged only if account has been opened less than 6 months
Statement Copy $5.00/Copy  —
Deposited Item Return $20.00/Item  —
Paper Statement Fee $2.00 No fee for e-Statements, Gold Club Members receive 50% off Paper Statement fees***
Domestic Wire Transfer Incoming: $15.00
Outgoing: $25.00
Fee charged per transfer
International Wire Transfer Incoming: $45.00
Outgoing: $55.00
Fee charged per transfer
Inactive Account $30.00 Charged after 6 months of inactivity
Dormant Account $60.00 Charged at $5.00/Month after five (5) years; maximum fee is $60.00
Photocopy $3.50/Each  —
Verification of Deposit $10.00  —
Return Mail $2.00/Each  —
Replacement Debit/Credit Card $15.00  —
Debit/Credit Reactivation Fee $10.00/Each  —
Debit/Credit PIN Reminder Fee Please contact us at (800) 992-3808 for reminders or to change your PIN
Delinquent Share Collection Fee $25.00/Each  —
International ACH Transfer Fee $25.00/Each  —
Check Cashing $5.00/Transaction Charged if member does not have at least $100 on deposit or $100 loan balance
Check Withdrawal fee for CU Checks $2.00/Check Charged on checks issued to a third party
Money Orders $2.00/Item Gold Club Members receive 50% off***
Cashiers Checks $5.00/Check  —
Garnishment/Levy $50.00/Occurrence  —
Merchant Collection $10.00  —
Account History (print out) $2.00  —
Counter Checks (print out) $2.00/Per Page 4 checks per page
Consumer Loan Application Fee $25.00 Charged on all applications except for Auto & VISA
Electronic Funds Transfer Fees:
*Share Overdraft Transfer $10.00/Each  —
*Overdraft $35.00/Each  —
Popmoney® Requesting Funds $0.75/Each  —
Popmoney® Sending Funds $0.75 (Standard)
$1.50 (Next Day)
Fee is per transaction. Standard Delivery (3 business days)
Safe Deposit Box: (Safe deposit contents are not insured by the NCUA)
3″x5″ Box $30.00/Year
3″x10″ Box $50.00/Year
5″x10″ Box $60.00/Year
10″x10″ Box $90.00/Year
Key Deposit $10.00 Additional fees will be charged for change of lock and drilling

* Fee applies when overdraft is created by check, ACH debit, ATM withdrawal, check card withdrawal, or other electronic means.

** Personal debit cards must be opted-in to incur an overdraft privilege fee on POS or ATM purchases. Recurring debit transactions and business debit cards are fee eligible regardless of opt-in status. Not opting-in your debit card to purposely avoid POS or ATM overdraft fees is considered account abuse and your debit card may be restricted.

***Members are not eligible for both Gold Member discounts and Kasasa rewards. Gold Member discounts not available on new memberships, and are solely for members continuing in legacy checking accounts. Once a Gold Member converts their Classic or eChecking account to a Kasasa Rewards account, or opens a new Kasasa Rewards account under their current member number, they are no longer eligible for Gold Member discounts and can not revert back to their previous account type. The Gold Member notation will be removed from their account and a Kasasa notation will be added.