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Share a photo of the HCCU sticker on your vehicle and tag or mention us on social media(facebook or Twitter @HealthCenterCU) to be entered into our weekly $100 drawing.

Each week, submissions can be made Sunday to Saturday and weekly winners will be announced on the following Tuesday. Winnings will be deposited to the winner’s membership savings account.

**Non-members may post and enter weekly drawings, but a membership savings will need to be opened in order to collect winnings.

Trade your coin for cash, and benefit the Children’s Hospital of Georgia! 
No more counting & rolling! Coin machines are ready and waiting to serve you in both of our branch lobbies. Before pouring any coin in the counter, please make sure it is free of any liquids, foreign objects, excess dust & debris. By using these coin counters, you accept responsibility/liability for any machine malfunction or damage deemed to be caused by aforementioned items being placed into the counter. If you are found at fault for damaging the machines, you may be charged for the repair cost and/or have your coin machine privileges revoked.

*Note: Transaction fees are 3% for members and 10% for non-members. All proceeds collected from the use of these machines go to support the Children’s Hospital of Georgia.

Safe deposit boxes are available at our Walton Way branch. They provide a means for members to secure valuables or family heirlooms against fire, theft, or damage. A $10.00 key deposit is charged with each rental, and yearly fees for each box size are listed below.

Size Yearly Fee
3″ x 5″ $30.00
3″ x 10″ $50.00
5″ x 10″ $60.00
10″ x 10″ $90.00

*Safe deposit contents are not insured by the NCUA.

Having your check deposited directly into your account prevents loss or theft of checks in the mail or otherwise. It also saves you a trip to the credit union every pay day to access your funds. Have payroll, treasury, retirement, and tax refund checks directly deposited to maximize your convenience.

To set up direct deposit you will need our routing number, 261189061, and your account number. You can find your account number printed at the bottom of your checks, or it can be provided to you by the credit union. Most direct deposits will need to be set up with your payroll department or with the party issuing the funds.

Image of a check

Your entire direct deposit doesn’t have to go into one account. You can designate set portions of your paycheck to be automatically transferred into a number of accounts (or suffixes). This is a convenient way to save or make loan payments. Payroll deduction can be set up with the Credit Union, via a payroll slip, or through your employer as they allow.

Augusta University campus employees, payroll deduction is no longer available since the implementation of the OneUSG system.  You can, however, set up multiple Direct Deposits in the OneUSG platform.  So a portion of your funds can still be sent to HCCU for loan payments, checking, secondary savings, or club accounts.

OneUSG Direct Deposit Instructions

OneUSG Employee Self-Service How-To’s

Money orders provide a safe way to make payments or move larger amounts of cash for those who do not have share draft accounts. You can purchase money orders for up to $1,000. The cost of money orders can be found on our Fee Schedule (Gold Members receive a 50% discount).

A cashier’s check is issued for any amount guaranteed by the credit union. The cost of a cashier’s check can be found on our Fee Schedule.

Notary services are available at both locations to certify signatures and other documents. Documents are notarized at the notary’s discretion per credit union guidelines.

Don’t wait in line at the post office! Come to the credit union for stamps with no surcharge.

Our 24 Hour Night Depository allows you to make after hours deposits at the following locations:

  • Main Office (1424 Walton Way)
  • Evans (4339 Washington Road)