Visa Check card options include:

AugUnGen1 Card
AUHealth1 Card

Affinity Cards

AUMascot1 Card
AUMASCOT1 - Jag Support
CHOGRoary Card
CHOGROARY - Children's Hospital of GA
Green Card
HCCUGEN01 - Scholarship Fund
AUSpirit1 Card
AUSPIRIT1 - AU Athletics
CHOGBuild Card
CHOGBUILD - Children's Hospital of GA
AUSpirit2 Card
AUSPIRIT2 - AU Athletics
PACELINE1 - GA Cancer Center

Apply today for a Visa Check Card to make everyday purchasing easy! The card works as an ATM card, but offers the added convenience of being able to use it virtually anywhere. Purchases are deducted from your checking account and receipts are given by the vendor for easy record keeping.

Your monthly checking statement lists every transaction, or you can view your transactions 24 hours a day via Online or Mobile Banking. Please allow 2-3 days for the transaction to post to your account.

Your Check Card may be used with no service charges at any  in network ATM. If you use an out-of-network ATM, we will impose a Foreign ATM Fee in the amount listed on our Fee Schedule. You will also be responsible for the fees posted on the ATM. Kasasa Account holders qualifying for a monthly cycle will have ATM fees refunded.

Other benefits include:

  • Maximum protection. If your card is lost or stolen, Visa’s zero liability policy protects you from paying for unauthorized purchases.
  • Those with joint checking accounts can each have an Visa Check Card accessing that account.
  • The money is deducted from your checking account within 2-3 business days.
  • Perfect for traveling! Visa is accepted worldwide. Use your card to make purchases in other countries safely and easily.
Woman using a credit card

A Point of Sales (POS) fee of .50 cents will be charged if you select “debit” and enter your PIN at a merchant terminal. No fee will be charged if you select “credit” and sign for the purchase. The credit option provides our members with the charge back rights available through VISA. This fee does not apply to ATM withdrawals, E-Checking, or Kasasa Accounts.