Put your MONEY where your HEART is!

Looking for an account with heart, that may just put some CASH in your pocket?

With our Kasasa Rewards Checking and Affinity debit card, we not only pay you to bank here, we also reward the participating organization of your choice every time you use your debit card!

Childrens Hospital of GA
CHOGRoary Card
CHOGROARY - Children's Hospital of GA
CHOGBuild Card
CHOGBUILD - Children's Hospital of GA
Augusta University Athletics
AUSpirit1 Card
AUSPIRIT1 - AU Athletics
AUSpirit2 Card
AUSPIRIT2 - AU Athletics
Augusta University Division of Enrollment and Student Affairs Jag Support
AUMascot1 Card
AUMASCOT1 - Jag Support
Paceline for the GA Cancer Center
PACELINE1 - GA Cancer Center
aus scholarship
Green Card
HCCUGEN01 - Scholarship Fund