Our FREE Shred Days are typically the second Saturday in January, and last Saturday of the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Quarters.

Our next Shred Day is 6/25/2022 and will be a joint Shred Day & BLOOD DRIVE 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. in the Evans Branch Parking Lot (4339 Washington Rd Evans GA 30809).  Shepeard Community Blood Center will be on site accepting donations.  All monetary donations will be accepted for the Children’s Hospital of GA and our Christmas in July Toy Drive.

Paper items only! Please look through what you are shredding and make sure nothing is flammable/could cause damage to the machine (Binder Clips, laptop batteries, aerosol cans, lighters, food or general trash etc.).

There is a 150lb limit per person.  Commercial shredding is subject to a fee/mandatory donation of $50.

These events are free public events, but we will be accepting donations for various causes.

2022 Shred Day & Blood Drive Dates:

  • 1/8/2022 – American Heart Association
    • $1,105.07 in monetary donations for the American Hear Association, and 5 units of life-saving blood were raised at this event!
  • 3/26/2022 – Paceline
    • $1,240.47 in monetary donations for PaceLine Ride (GA Cancer Center) and 11 units of life-saving blood were raised at this event!
  • 6/25/2022 – Children’s Hospital Of Georgia
  • 9/24/2022 – GA War Veterans Nursing Home

2021 Results:

  • 1/30/21 – American Heart Association
    • $1,765 in monetary donations and 7 units of life-saving blood ($5 per unit) were raised at this event!
  • 3/27/21 – Paceline
    • $1,070.78 in monetary donations and 12 units of life-saving blood were raised at this event!
  • 6/26/21 – Children’s Hospital Of Georgia
    • $1,162.01 in monetary donations for the Christmas in July Toy Drive, and 10 units of life-saving blood were raised at this event!
  • 9/25/21 – GA War Veterans Nursing Home
    • $1,057.83 in monetary donations. $1,017.83 for the GA War Veterans Nursing home, $40 for Children’s Hospital Of Georgia, and 4 units of life-saving blood were raised at this event!

Not all Person to Person (P2P) Payment Systems are created equal, or endorsed by Health Center Credit Union.  The only P2P platform currently offered by HCCU is popmoney®.  HCCU checking account members may access popmoney® through their Online Banking Bill Pay platform.

While HCCU members may use other P2P platforms such as; Cash App, Venmo, PayPal, etc., HCCU does not provide support for these platforms.  Using these platforms on an unsecured device may also forfeit your rights to charge back or provisional credit on potentially fraudulent transactions, as transactions completed from an unsecured device containing access to payment information may be treated as a cash transaction.

Before downloading apps and linking your account or debit card to your mobile device, be sure you have activated security measures such as PIN, face recognition, or fingerprint authentication to unlock your device.  You will also want to require a PIN or Touch ID to make payments from within the apps themselves. 

Information on enabling security features for a few  popular P2P apps can be found here:

For more information or help using our P2P platform, popmoney®, please visit popmoney® under account services, in Online Banking Bill Pay, or by contacting Bill Pay member service.  Bill Pay member service can be reached at 800-877-8021 or 844-613-7328.

There are no re-pos available at this time. When vehicles are available, you can request additional information or make an offer by reaching out to 706.434.1600 or  hcculoan@augusta.edu.